Casbipu Offline gave a talk in Chelmsford on Monday 21 March on the problems of banning smoking in psychiatric units.  Chaired by Rob Lyons, Institute of Ideas, Action on Consumer Choice, author Panic on a Plate, and featuring Barry Curtis, Casbipu's online co-ordinator.  Now available to watch on YouTube at






Welcome to the website for The Campaign Against Smoking Bans In Psychiatric Units (CASBIPU).  We exist to combat the draconian policy idea that people should be forced to give up smoking when they become mentally ill, even outdoors.  If you are not yet familiar with this issue, click the 'Articles' tab to discover the things that are now occurring in asylums, even in their outdoor areas, and what we think about it.  Then hopefully you will be motivated to support the campaign by signing the petition, and liking us on facebook.


If you are part of the media and would like a comment or to commission an article, you can contact us via the facebook page or by sending a text message to 07523 362490 stating 'casbipu' and leaving your name and number (do not leave voicemail as it is not monitored).  You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Please sign the petition here and encourage your friends and contacts to do the same!  With enough voices we can end the insanity!