This page contains links to articles, blog posts, and reports, that are critical of outdoor smoking bans in psychiatric units.  All the arguments you need to defeat your local little-Hitlers can be found here.


ASH Want To Turn The World Into A Giant Smokefree Lunatic Asylum

The vile lobbyists 'Action on Smoking and Health' now want to extend psychiatric smoking bans beyond the asylum.




Scottish Psychiatric Nurse Lambasts 'Cruel' Smoking Bans





Will MIND Come Around?

CASBIPU is disappointed that mental health charity MIND support the outdoor smoking bans in psychiatric units. They seem to believe people should be forced to give up smoking while they are in the middle of a mental breakdown. Hopefully they'll come around and see sense.

Read Barry Curtis's critique of MIND's position



Outdoor Smoking Bans Debated At The Battle Of Ideas

Read the text of Barry Curtis's opening remarks at the Battle of Ideas conference in London, October 2015






Public Health Tyrants Are Taking Over The Asylum

A critique of a report by Public Health England demanding all units ban outdoor smoking




Health Zealots Have Taken Over The Asylum


Civil liberties magazine spiked was livid that an NHS Trust was forcing psychiatric patients to quit smoking



NEW: Favourable review of Casbipu on the Freedom2Choose website

Retired GP Dr Michael Fitzpatrick tells the public health industry that their bans are unethical - treatment for smoking should not be imposed against a patient's will

A blog for charity SANE criticising the 'madness' of banning smoking for mental patients

Civil liberties group The Manifesto Club in association with smoker's rights campaign FOREST publish a report on outdoor smoking bans across the nation

Andrew M Brown writes for The Telegraph labelling the bans 'cruel'

Former mental patient Clare Allen writes for the Guardian saying 'there's worse things than patients smoking outside hospitals'

Patients question the indoor smoking ban in this BBC blog

A nourishing debate at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, in November 2015 where all the arguments for and against were heard